Wild Wisteria Thai Silk Wraps


These particular silk wraps were created by our Thai Silk Magic Founder and Master weaver, Amnuai

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“Wild Wisteria” Silk Wraps

Width: 60cm or 24″

Length: 200cm or 78″

These particular wraps nearly did not get into our shop and the creator wanted to keep them for family and friends.


They are unique wraps that have a heavier texture than all our other wraps and will be the ideal accessory for those unpredictable weather conditions. Whilst being slightly heavier in texture they are very smooth and will go with any outfit.

They will also make a sensational present or gift for that special person or special occasion.

Comment: These wraps are in very limited supply so with winter coming on, for those of you in the northern hemisphere, we would strongly suggest you not wait too long to get yourself one of these sensational silk wraps.


The actual measurements of our wraps vary a little with our handmade processes but normally they are approximately 50cm – 70cm wide (20″- 28″)and 150-200cm long (59″-78″). Our Thai silk wrap measurements do not include the 10cm (4″) fringe at each end. Call this a bonus as many exporters include the fringe when giving scarf measurements.This particular wrap is mid size at 190cm by 55cm.


These wraps were created because some of our customers requested a heavier style wrap for those cold climates and these wraps are just perfect for those conditions. Not only are they large and heavier in texture but they are still light weight and provide a wonderful talking point for friends and family. These handmade Thai silk Wild Wisteria wraps are especially designed for comfort and warmth.


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