Golden Harvest Thai Silk Scarves


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Golden Harvest Thai Silk Scarves“Golden Harvest Thai Silk Scarves”

Width: 40cm (16”)
Length: 145cm (57”)
Suitable for use with a wide range of clothing. These versatile naturally dyed Thai silk scarves are a great accessory for formal, semi-formal and casual attire. It will also make an ideal present or gift for that special person or special occasion.

Comment: These “Golden Harvest” Thai silk scarves display the very best of our totally natural golden dye colors. The natural dye ingredients come from a very rare mix of wild flowers and a combination of tree bark and crushed tapioca seeds that are found around the “klongs” or ponds in our rice padis.

Unfortunately the monsoon rains came early this year and flooded the rare wild flowers where we get the main source of our gold natural dye colors – so sadly we only could create 3 scarves with these colors this year.

The actual dyeing processes for these scarves took a little more than 8 hours just to make sure the finished beautiful golden hues were not just chemical-free like all our creations but also completely color-fast.

Please note that our Thai silk scarves measurements do not include the 10cm (4″) fringe at each end.
Call this a bonus as many exporters include the fringe when giving scarf measurements.


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