Captivating Camel Thai Silk Scarves


Stunning hand woven Thai silk scarves – organic and a real bargain

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Captivating Camel Thai Silk Scarves“Captivating Camel Thai Silk Scarves”

Width: 35cm
Length: 200cm

Suitable for use with a wide range of clothing. These versatile naturally dyed Thai silk scarves are great accessories for formal, semi-formal and casual attire.

Our scarves make ideal presents or gifts for that special person or special occasion.

Comment: The actual measurements vary a little with our handmade processes but normally they are approximately 30-50cm wide (12″- 20″)and 150-200cm long (59″-78″). Our Thai silk scarf measurements do not include the 10cm (4″) fringe at each end.

Call this a bonus as many silk exporters include the fringe when giving scarf measurements.

These particular “Captivating Camel” Thai silk scarves are hand woven and the magical colours are the result of our highly regarded natural dye techniques. The colours of these scarves were sourced from a combination of mulberry tree bark, crushed tapioca seeds and wild flowers that grow around the “klongs” or ponds in our rice padis.

Our first lot of Thai silk scarf creations have a range of sizes because although we had a lot of fun creating them we did not consider standardising the measurements.


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