Morning Mist 2 Ply Silk


An intriguing natural fabric colour that will create a real “talking point” casual outfit.

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“Morning Mist”

Width: 100cm/approx. 39″

Price: Per meter in length

This particular fabric’s colours came from wild flowers collected in the very early morning before sunrise. The flower petals are mixed with crushed tapioca seeds and left to soak for nearly a day. The final dye colours from these flowers is often difficult to predict as last year, with a long monsoon season, the colours using the same flowers where a lot lighter. The “Morning Mist” fabric we have for you today is also 100% colour-fast.

Suitable for a wide variety of mens’ and womens’ casual clothes, skirts, party dresses, pyjamas, shirts, scarves, shawls and blouses. The versatile nature of our Morning Mist fabric enables it to be suitable as unique presents or gifts for that very special person or occasion


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