This post is a simple one but I hope you enjoy it.

I have attached 2 videos that both involve Thai country kids.

They are commercially produced but give you a good idea of the music of our region.

Music is a very important part of the lives of everyone in our village and it’s not uncommon for people to pile into the back of a few pickups and travel many kilometers to see a Thai country music show that are usually held outside in school or temple grounds or even in rice fields after the harvest.

The first video shows Thai children singing a popular Isaan (Thai country) song.
I love the music even though I understand very little of the Isaan language – it’s a combination of Thai and Lao dialects.
People of all ages from tiny tots to grandmas get up and dance to this music.

The second video is Thai children enjoying one of their favourite pastimes – singing and karaoke!!!

Actually our two teenage daughters love this song and even performed it at the last school musical evening. Sadly our video camera was not working at the time so this was the next best alternative.

However, next time we will get our daughters on video for you. Like their mum, our daughters Am and Wan, absolutely love karaoke and most Friday evenings are reserved for this – despite dad’s protests!


  1. Katleen says:

    Hello Amnuai,
    Thank you for sharing this music! I don’t understand it all, and it’s very different than what I would be used to, but I love the enthusiam and fun these girls are having!!

    • Hello Katleen. So nice of you to visit and leave a comment. The music is actually Thai country music called “mor lum” and sung in a combination of Laos and Thai languages. But the most important thing is they are having fun as you so rightly pointed out.

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