Violet Thistle Striped Silk Wraps


Exclusive limited edition handmade Thai silk wraps

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Product Description

“Violet Thistle” Handmade Silk Wraps

Width: 70cm (approx. 28″)

Length: 180cm (approx. 71″)


These magnificent handmade Thai silk wraps have a beautiful combination of colours that make this “Violet Thistle” wrap a perfect accessory to any outfit.

The natural dye colours come from a combination of crushed tapioca seeds, wild berries and flowers and selected mountain tree barks. Our weather has not be kind to us this year so the particular ingredients/materials for these particular colours are very hard to find. That’s why we only have a very limited number available.

So please be quick if you want to get what we think, is one of our most beautiful wrap cereations.

Comment: The actual measurements of our wraps vary a little with our handmade processes but normally they are approximately 50cm – 70cm wide (20″- 28″)and 150-200cm long (59″-78″). Our Thai silk wrap measurements do not include the 10cm (4″) fringe at each end. Call this a bonus as many exporters include the fringe when giving scarf measurements.


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