Fancy Fallow Thai Silk Scarves


Compact and gorgeous Thai silk scarves that will add a touch of luxury to every outfit

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Product Description

“Fancy Fallow Thai Silk Scarves”

Width:¬†Approx. 30cm or 12″
Length:¬†Approx. 150cm or 59″

These are some of our newest creations and will be the perfect smaller size accessory. The Fancy Fallow Thai silk scarves are great accessories for formal, semi-formal and casual attire.

They will also make ideal presents or gifts for that special person or special occasion.

These particular scarves were created by one of our youngest weavers and we are so proud of what she achieved. We operate regular silk hand-weaving training programs in our village as we want to ensure these wonderful skils, handed down by our grandparents, do not disappear with the younger generation.

The Fancy Fallow natural dye color was the patient combination of wild phusant berries, selected tree barks and crushed tapioca seeds. Each component was carefully added to the mix over 4 or 5 hours of constant heating, then mixed again with eucalyptus leaves before being left to cool overnight prior to being applied to our silk fibers.

Comment: The actual measurements of our scarves vary a little with our handmade processes but normally they are approximately 30-50cm wide (12″- 20″)and 150-200cm long (59″-78″).

Our Thai silk scarf measurements do not include the 10cm (4″) fringe at each end. Call this a bonus as many exporters include the fringe when giving scarf measurements.

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