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At Thai Silk Magic we are delighted to have a very supportive Thai village community group.

We invited our community subscribers to allow us to promote their businesses as a way of saying thank you to them for their on-going care, interest, support and patronage.

We were pleasantly swamped with requests. This video is the first of many we are planning that will highlight our wonderful village community subscribers.



As you can see the video is a summary collation of images of the business itself plus examples of the social media promotions we did for this great business – Amazing Thai Beauty.

You can check out their wonderful website at: Amazing Thai Beauty 

Join Our Village Community

If you would like to join our Thai village community then simply complete the subscribe box on any page of our blog.

It will give you immediate access to Exclusive Community Members discounts as well as all our Latest News and Promotions.

You may even want us to add you to our FREE Village Community Promotion schedule!


What do you think about our concept of promoting our community members? Do you have an suggestions for improvements we can make?

We’d love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts below – we will really appreciate that.

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