Thai Silk – The VERY BIG and the VERY SMALL of Thai Silk


This week at Thai Silk Magic we had the biggest and smallest custom orders we have ever had.

Even though previously we have handmade Thai silk with widths of 150cm or 59″ this particular 150cm width fabric is for a wedding gown to be worn in the UK and it’s a privilege for us to create it.

At the other end of the “width scale” this week we also had our smallest ever custom order of just 3.8cm or a little less than 1.5″…quite an interesting challenge!

Look for me around 0:46 in the video where I am making this smallest ever custom made Thai silk fabric

Usually handmade Thai silk is created only in widths of 100cm (39″).

But at Thai Silk Magic we are very proud to be able to also weave in widths up to 150cm (59″) and now down to narrow widths of just 4cm (1.5″).

Handmade Thai silk is our passion and we just love the challenge of creating your custom Thai silk requirements.

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Hello from Thai Silk Magic.

Check this tape measurement – 150cm or 59″ wide. Could you see that?

This month we had our biggest and smallest handmade Thai silk weave orders.

This particular fabric width of 150cm is usually made by machine made but not here Thai Silk Magic. Everything here is hand woven with LOVE for YOU.

Here you see one of our master weavers really having the stretch to weave this width.
It’s for a wedding gown in the UK.

As you can see she really has to push hard to make the shuttle slide all the way through.

0:46 But look at this one – less than 4cm or 1.5.”

Our smallest ever custom order width.

Of course, being so small has been a very challenging with lots of small adjustments that need to be constantly made during the weaving process.

This particular custom creation is for a silk sheaf that will hold a medallion.
It’s for an Australian customer and the sheaf will hang on a sash that we are also making for him.

We really enjoy custom creating our Thai silk so please if you have any requests just email us and we will do our very very best to help you.
Our Email: [email protected]
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