The purchase of a scarf or scarves is usually a very pleasant experience provided you are confident that what you are buying is exactly what it claims to be.

Many people are not bothered whether the scarf is “genuine” or not – if it looks and feels good then that’s good enough for them! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this style of shopping and most of us have done the same.

This care-free shopping approach for your scarves is fine if you are only paying a small price or grabbing some bargains from a market stall.

However, if you are seeking quality scarves, especially silk scarves and are being charged a very cheap price then do not fool yourself with expectations of “discovering hidden quality gems” – they do not exist.

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing dealers for your scarves so check out what Adam Heli says below:

Factors To Consider When Choosing Dealers In Scarves

by Adam Heli

A scarf is not only a fashionable item, it is also officially used as part of uniform in some organizations. When worn together with a scarf, a casual outfit can be a head turner. Scarves are some of the few items in the market whose value and demand have never gone down despite the changing fashion tendencies. Most women choose this item to look more attractive and fashionable.

This item is not only for women, men also like to have silky, smooth and trendy ones around their necks for particular occasions. Therefore, if you intend to open a store to sell this item, visit the leading dealers in this product so that you get the latest and most fashionable ones in the market. Always keep in mind that you have to get your clients what they demand, otherwise your products will not sell.

If getting into this business is not your thing and you would like to restock your wardrobe with new and beautiful products, you also need to find the best dealers of the product. The dealers are available in your local area or on the internet. If you choose products from internet dealers, make sure you go through the reviews of other clients to find out if the dealers are reliable or not. You can also ask your friends and family members who have dealt with online dealers of the item.

Other than checking the items from leading dealers, make sure you choose the

latest trend. This item is available for different occasions and different seasons. There is a wide variety of the item in the market. Most of the time, clients have a hard time selecting one item from the many varieties available.

The other important thing to consider is quality of the scarf. The items are made from different types of fabrics among them silk, gauze, chiffon satin and many more. Dealers play a big role in determining the quality of items stocked. Leading dealers will always stock quality items because they have a reputation to uphold and clients to keep. Other dealers whose aim is to make money only stock inferior items.

Buying wholesale scarves not only enables you to get discounts, it also helps you get a wide variety of this item in your wardrobe. Therefore, make sure you buy the item in bulk the next time you go shopping. You can also buy a scarf along with matching gloves and a hat and still get discounts.

To view our selection of scarves, check us out online at today. If you are looking to buy wholesale scarves, visit us online.

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At Thai Silk Magic many times we have been approached by importers to supply good quality Thai silk scarves for prices less than $5 per piece! There is no doubt that you can buy scarves being promoted as “100% Thai silk” at prices of $3 to $6 dollars.

This would not even cover the cost of the silk used to weave the scarves AND we hand weave all our creations!

BUT “buyer beware” – these “$5 silk scarves” are usually a blend of polyester, cotton and cheap silk threads (usually not from Thailand either!). As mentioned previously, if you like what you see then by all means buy these cheap scarves as long as you realize that they are copies or cheap imitations.

Do not expect them to last too long and don’t try to gert any guarantees from the seller!

Genuine Thai silk scarves are highly sought after and you will never find them being sold in cheap markets and malls.

Here is a 1 minute video featuring our eldest daughter showing just one way to identify IF YOUR SILK IS GENUINE…enjoy!

Your Thoughts/Comments

What price would you expect to pay for a good quality scarf? Have you ever purchased what you were told to be high quality” scarves only to be disappointed and shocked when you went to have them cleaned for the first time? What happened? What’s your favorite type of scarf? Silk, wool, cotton, square shaped?

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  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for this most interesting information and great video. Your beautiful daughter is a delight to watch. Much good fortune and success. Have a good one.

    • Many thanks for your kind comments Tony. Our daughter loves your comment and is busy calling her friends to tell them all about the “nice foreign man who thinks I’m beautiful!!!” Scarves are an extremely popular accessory and there are so many types available – that’s why I wanted to do this post to make people aware of what they may be purchasing.

  2. Stacey says:

    This is a really informative post, I’m a huge scarf lover but I’ve never really taken the time to consider if what I’m buying is genuine. I’ll definitely start buying from reputable wholesalers like yourselves from now on ,as opposed to trusting the vague material descriptions on ebay. I’ve taken a look on your website and all of your scarves look really beautiful and unique x

    • What a lovely comment Stacey – thank you. There are many reputable wholesalers online but the way way to assess them before buying their products is to check their recommendations – not just for the product quality but for things like the quality of their customer service and any guarantees they are prepared to offer to online customers. The answer to this latter one may surprise you so “buyer beware” in many cases.

  3. Stephanie S. says:

    I couldn’t agree more that you should be careful who you buy scarves (or any other item!) from. It is always a good idea to look for reviews, complaints, and information about the company you are thinking about buying something from. Good idea including the video with the article that shows how you can tell if the Thai silk scarf is real or not.

    • Stephanie you make a really good point when you mention reviews and complaints. These days with social media it is so easy for customers to really make either a positive or a negative impact on any business. In fact it’s quite scarey so all we can do is be our very best and treat our customers with the respect they deserve for trusting a little Thai village.

      • Stephanie Shipley says:

        That is very true. I always look up companies before I purchase from them and see what people have to say about the products, customer service, and overall experience with them. This had led me to some great purchases, and also prevented me from making a few bad ones.

  4. Stephanie Vega says:

    With Christmas coming up, this is a very timely article for me. My sisters and I all love scarves and your post has alerted me to how to shop for quality. Thanks!

    • So pleased you found the post helpful Stephanie and happy Christmas shopping for you and your sisters! It is so important that if you intend to spend good money on scarves that you know what to look for to make sure you get quality for money.

  5. Ruth Martin says:

    Hi Amnuai ~ I love the video, you have a beautiful and talented daughter :) You also make excellent quality videos! What an easy, yet unique way to tell whether the silk is genuine or not. I really love scarves, but I do have to confess that since my own pocketbook is often a bit limited, I usually go for the cheaper versions :\ However, if I know I am supporting a place like your Thai village, it makes it more worthwhile to save up for a bit, then purchase a genuine silk scarf from someone like you! When folks see the reason why, they usually are much more willing to spend their hard-earned money in the right place :)

    • So pleased you liked the video and the post Ruth. Actually I take the videos and my husband Peter does the voice over – following a script that I make sure he follows. He is so supportive but knows very little about Thai silk despite being surrounded with it every day!

      When you think about the actual cost of a good quality silk scarf you should also keep in mind that the scarf may well last you a lifetime and even become a family heirloom. If you consider this then the silk scarf is not so expensive compared to cheaper synthetic scarves that will probably fall apart in a few years.

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