Thai Silk – 6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Thai Silk Magic!

Should you join Thai Silk Magic?

Why Consider Thai Silk Magic? Thai silk is known all over the world for its quality and beauty. However, to get the very best of Thai silk you need to look for CHEMICAL FREE, ECO- FRIENDLY and SUSTAINABLE creations. Check out our latest video below and join with our other lovely and loyal subscribers to our Thai Village Online Community. You will see the link to decide if you want … Read More →

Eco-Friendly Videos

eco-friendly videos

Our Very Own Eco-Friendly Videos site – Created especially for you! This is a brand new blog called Eco-Friendly Videos. We curate the videos from many different sources and link our handmade Thai silk, all videos have a focus on eco-friendly and going green lifestyles. We are adding new videos all the time and already you can find videos in categories like Eco-Friendly Lifestyles, Going Green, Natural Products and Organic … Read More →

Get Paid for Simply SHARING Information


Our handmade silk business relies a lot on social media for our marketing. We like to share as much as we can so that people will know, like and trust us enough to become either a supporter (and join our list) or perhaps even a customer one day. Today I found a BRAND NEW site where you can actually earn money by simply sharing or giving stuff away.     … Read More →

Eco-Friendly Pins


Our Very Own Eco-Friendly Pins We have created for your enjoyment a special blog that is all about Eco-Friendly Pins You can Repin, Like and Comment just like you do on Pinterest but our site is ONLY for Eco-Friendly supporters. We hope you enjoy it and we are busy adding new pins every day so make sure you check it out and have some fun Here again is your link … Read More →

10 Essential Tips For Buying Fabrics

Have you ever been in that uncomfortable position when shopping for fabrics, either online or offline, when you feel uncertain if the fabric you are choosing is the right one for you? These days there are so many fabric choices available and quite often names given to fabrics are incorrect – be careful not to be given a “silk fabric” that is actually rayon. Having a clear understanding of the … Read More →

Silk or Synthetic Fabrics – Which is Best for YOU?

The major differences between Silk and Synthetic Fabrics are covered in this video. The video looks at the 4 main points of difference and leaves you the viewer to make a decision about which fabric type you prefer based on the information provided. If you are interested in obtaining our Thai Silk Magic FREE whitepaper on “Nature’s Dye Materials Guidelines” then simply send us an email at: [email protected] We would … Read More →

Thai Silk Magic Testimonial – Susanne’s Wedding Dress Fabric

A few weeks ago we asked our customers if they would make us a quick video talking about the Thai silk products they had purchased from Thai Silk Magic. We are delighted to show you the very first response we got from Susanne – a lovely lady from Toronto in Canada who is getting married soon. Thai silk Magic created the wedding dress fabric for her and she was delighted. … Read More →

Thai Silk Magic – A Thai Silk Animation

Thai Silk Magic a remote Thai village business that specializes in creating high quality handmade Thai silk fabric, scarves, wraps and custom made gift items like handbags and necktiesĀ  Hope you enjoyed the video. Now come and see our handmade Thai silk creations and enjoy your shopping experience with us at: Thai Silk Magic All our profits are shared to improve the education opportunities of the children in our village … Read More →

Wedding Dress – Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Here are some tips to give you a stress free wedding dress. Check out this link Your Perfect Wedding Dress Your wedding day should be both memorable and totally enjoyable so these tips will help you make sure you have a wonderful wedding day experience. Your wedding dress will be the center of attention and it’s so important that you look great as well as feel comfortable and relaxed so … Read More →

How to Choose the BEST Scarf Dealer?

The purchase of a scarf or scarves is usually a very pleasant experience provided you are confident that what you are buying is exactly what it claims to be. Many people are not bothered whether the scarf is “genuine” or not – if it looks and feels good then that’s good enough for them! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this style of shopping and most of us have done … Read More →

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