Saffron, Dijon, Lemon, Honey, Butternut, Cinnamon, Caramel, Copper, Amber, Ochre, Sienna & Citrine Colored Favorites 

At Thai Silk Magic we always use natural dyes for our silk colours that we collect from certain trees, wild flowers and shrubs.

Nature has a wonderful way of providing beautiful and sustainable chemical free silk colours.

However, the rapid changes and challenges in the textile industry today makes finding naturally dyed fabrics harder and harder to find. Why? Because they take time and lots of effort and for most large textile manufacturers this is completely out of the question.

So today more and more fabrics are coming onto the market at cheap prices and with potentially toxic chemicals used in their creation.

As a refreshing change here is a simple way to create your own natural fabric dye using turmeric and it gives you step-by-step instructions.

Conventional fabric dyes are bad news. The runoff from fabric dye pollutes waterways, and the dyes themselves are not so healthy for workers who are around them day in and day out, either. Luckily, you don’t need harsh, chemical dyes to tint fabric in lovely colors! You can use natural, food-based ingredients like fruits, veggies, and herbs to create your own non-toxic fabric dye.

If you’ve every cooked with turmeric, you know that it stains fabric like gangbusters. Heck, it even stains your hands, if you handle it too much. The property that calls for caution in the kitchen is your ally if you’re looking to dye fabric a cheery shade of yellow! Here’s how to make a batch of fabric dye from turmeric, water, and just one other ingredient that’s most likely already in your kitchen!…More at How to Make Natural Fabric Dye | Crafting a Green World

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So share your thoughts and experiences with chemical and natural dyes – we;d love to hear them.

Are you aware that many fabrics on the market today contain dangerous chemicals that are not disclosed? what do you think about that?


  1. Salman Zaib says:

    Awesome Information. Thanks for sharing !

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