Fabric for Curtains


Curtains are an important part of your home décor and selecting the right fabric for curtains can give your room or home a unique look. So if you are looking to refresh or modify your window treatments then there are many considerations you will have to make a decision on.

Some Considerations

Think about the style of your home, the actual space or size of the room where you want to change your window dressings and the actual function of the curtains – do you want to make a statement with your new curtains that will be a real “discussion piece” with any visitors or merely have as a beautiful backdrop to your room?


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In addition, think about the aspect of your home and the amount of sunlight entering your room at certain times of the day – like the possibility of late afternoon hot sun periods for people living in more tropical areas. Opacity is also important as this is simply how opaque the fabric for curtains really is and you can easily check this out by holding the fabric against the sunlight entering the window you are redressing. You can always add to the thickness of any fabric for curtains by adding lining – this will reduce opacity and also add to the durability of your curtain fabric.

The size of your room will determine the type of fabric for curtains as, for example, if your room is rather small and has small windows then placing heavy curtains there will simply darken an already small room and not add any spaciousness. In this instance it would be better to go for lightweight and delicate fabrics whereas if your room was quite large and spacious, then you could use a wider range of fabric for your curtains that would be more determined by the function you require.


Wide Variety of Fabrics

When looking for your fabric for curtains, there is indeed a wide variety of fabrics to choose from including from silk and cotton to lace and nets. Your final decision will be determined by taking into account all the considerations mentioned earlier and your personal preferences re style and function for your fabric for curtains.


Why Custom Made Curtains?

Purchasing ready-made curtains may be cheaper but you are limited by the colors, designs and patterns available. You will not have the opportunity to mix and match different fabrics for curtains and you may have to make do with actual sizes like length and width of curtains that may not perfectly fit your window area.

With custom made curtains, you can select from a whole range of fabric for curtains, include a wider range of colors, patterns and designs – bring out your creativity! Custom made curtains will be a perfect fit for your windows where you can determine exactly whether you want pleats, a more intricate or classical flowing styles.

More Convenience and Less Stress!

By shopping online for your fabric for curtains, you will save time, money and energy. Find out more about what we have to offer right here on our website.
By purchasing your fabric for curtains online and having your local tailor or drape maker create your curtain for you, will save you money. In the fabric retail showrooms the actual price you will pay for your finished curtains will more likely than not be much more expensive as you will also be paying for the showroom expenses.

Once you have decided and purchased your fabric for curtains simply explain to your local drape maker or tailor, exactly what you want re the function and style of your curtains. They will stitch your fabric for curtains exactly according to your brief, they will usually provide the fitting for free and this will again save you time and money.

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